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Long Term Care

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  • If you wish to prolong the longevity of your cosmetic tattoo, it is recommended to continue with additional treatments after your initial session.

  • Additional sessions are at a lower cost within your first 2 years of the initial procedure.

  • Most will see fading or complete loss of pigment around 2-3 years.


  • Despite the bodies natural ability to process pigment, exposure to the sun will cause color loss and lighten the pigment.

  • It is important to protect yourself from the sun by using sunscreen and wearing large sunglasses and hats.

  • Rinse and dry the area when you come into contact with chlorine.


  • If you are having laser resurfacing or laser hair removal after obtaining your cosmetic tattoo, please notify your technician.

  • Laser treatments may darken, lighten, and/or overall discolor your cosmetic tattoo.

  • Glycolic acid, retin-a, face peels, and exfoliations must avoid the tattooEd area as they may alter the color or appearance of the cosmetic tattoo.

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